Sims 4 Create-A-Sim utilizes new push-and-pull system

EA has released a video showcasing The Sims 4's revamped system for Create-A-Sim. Whereas the first three games had CAS be based around a series of sliders, The Sims 4 will utilize a push-and-pull system: simply click on a Sim's body part to manipulate its size and shape.

Of course, what this really means is that it's easier than ever to make Sims with the proportions of pornstars.

The system looks quite fluid, but the real question is whether EA will be able to recapture the enormous success of the first two games. The Sims 3 caught a lot of flack; will The Sims 4 be a return to form? We'll find out when the game launches autumn 2014.