Bound by Flame launch trailer focuses on an inner struggle between man and demon

Bound By Flame comes out this Friday, so Focus Home Interactive has released a Launch Trailer to celebrate.

The trailer gives us our best look yet at the inner struggle at the heart of the game, as the protagonist battles with the flame demon soul living inside of him. This is promised to be a huge element of both the story and the gameplay, with the choices you make in the game determining whether you retain your humanity or steadily become more demonic.

Remaining human will allow you to build up your Heroic abilities, while indulging in your demonic side will give you access to fire magic. This will impact how your character can navigate the game's "extremely tactical" combat system, as well as how your companions feel about you.

Spiders Studio certainly seems to have an ambitious project in the works, but will it live up to its potential? We'll find out when the game comes out May 9 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.