Monochroma teaser showscases a totalitarian nightmare

Nowhere Studios have released a cinematic trailer for Monochroma, a puzzle-platformer that was successfully Kickstarted last year. The teaser gives you a look at the game's world and visual style, which is entirely white, black, gray, and red:

Producer Burak Tezateser has this to say about the game:

"Monochroma is a game that questions the essence of playing a video game. A game might entertain players, make them feel good about themselves, or even help them socialize; but a good game should also be able to satisfy players emotionally and intellectually, make players think about their lives, society and the system they are living in the same way a good movie or novel does."

Sounds quite ambitious. The game is also reportedly inspired by the developers' childhood move into urban Istanbul.

If you'd like to get a feel for the gameplay, a demo is available on the game's website.

Monochroma will be released later this year.