Mass Effect 4 "somewhere in the middle" of development

Yesterday, Bioware Montréal studio director Yanick Roy tweeted that Mass Effect 4 was "somewhere in the middle" of development.

The 4th iteration of the popular scifi action-RPG franchise has been in development since late 2012. Given how vast the Mass Effect games are, and the fact that Bioware is already working on the (also vast) Dragon Age: Inquisition, it is likely that the game won't be released until 2015.

Part of why it's taken so long is that this is an entirely new cast of characters. Shepard won't be back this time around--we'll have a brand new protagonist. That said, Roy has also confirmed that it willl be "the same type of game as the first three," and that there will continue to be romance options and same-sex romance options.

It should also be noted that Mass Effect 4 won't be called Mass Effect 4. However, the game's title has yet to be announced, so until then that's what it's being referred to as.

Here's hoping we can find out more concrete information about the game soon.