Are you ready to not trust the signs in Bazalth?

Belgian indie developer Helium Games has just announced Bazalth: Don't Trust the Signs. A single-player action/adventure, Bazalth will combine beat-'em-up combat with puzzle solving. The debut trailer is embedded below.

Helium describes the game's story thusly:

Once upon a time, on a planet far far away, lived some cute and peaceful creatures called Gloupsies. They were happy and innocent, living a dream life. The only small problem they had was about their demon infestation. Every 28 days (on Fridays), their village would be attacked by powerful demons who destroyed everything.

One morning, an old stranger arrived out of nowhere, carrying a strange package. This stranger, called Folm, explained that he also suffered from the demons attacks: First of all he said, we have to relocate your village! ( Yeah... Gloupsies were actually rebuilding their village at the same place over and over again). So much wisdom quickly convinced the Gloupsies who welcomed Folm as their savior. However, this is just a temporary solution, he continued, I've brought someone who can in time help us defeat those evil demons forever. We have to fight evil with evil! Here is Bazalth, one of their own.

Bazalth is currently set to launch late 2014 for PC, Linux and Mac. It will be Helium's debut title.