Starpoint Gemini 2 enters the Beta phase on Steam's Early Access

Earlier today, Iceberg Interactive announced that Starpoint Gemini 2 has hit the Beta period on Steam Early Access.

The Beta brings a host of updates and new features to the game, including:
-Wormholes – Free of charge, Wormholes are a one-way superfast travel method, but due to instability they are very dangerous and can result in damage or major catastrophe. Very popular way of travel among bandits and pirates.
-Classy Choices – Players can now choose their player class at the start of a game.
-Faster – By adding newer models, the game’s load times are much faster.
-T-Drive – Personal device for instant travel that can be mounted to any ship.
-New Music – New tracks and SFX have been added to create a wider variety of moods and atmosphere.
-Events – Local events that will feed the live news reels were added.
-Balancing – A first balancing run has been done on the ship systems and equipment pricing.

Starpoint Gemini 2 is being developed by Little Green Men Games. A full Steam release will be coming this spring.