Bound By Flame burning down stores this May

Spiders Studios' action-RPG Bound By Flame will launch on May 9 for PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360.

In an update on their website, Spiders Studios wrote, "The strategic depth of the combat system in Bound by Flame has been made possible mainly through the variety and originality of the game bestiary. Each creature has its specific attacks, special skills and, in particular, individual behavior that will force the player to adapt his tactics and combat style depending on the composition of the groups of enemies he encounters. This, combined with the awesome range of strikes available to the player, the use of magic and the incredible combat animations, contributes to make the battles in Bound by Flame both tactically complex and visually stunning."

Spiders also promised that we'd get a video that explores the game's combat system in the weeks to come.

Here's a gameplay trailer from February. It features some pretty goofy narration, but the actual footage is pretty impressive:

What do you think? Is this game on fire, or is it just watered down?