Take a gander at Space Noir, a new narrative-driven space combat title

Earlier today, Unity Games and developer N-Fusion Interactive announced Space Noir. Described as "a new narrative-driven, space combat title," the game will be released on Steam as well as on tablets.

Players will take control of bounty hunter Hal Markham as he explores space and battles intergalactic foes both on- and off-world. His only companion is Rhonda, his ship's AI. The game will feature five worlds and over 35 missions, as Hal uncovers a vast conspiracy that will define the future of humanity.

N-Fusion Interactive previously developed Deus Ex: The Fall and Air Mail. The developer wants the game to be a love letter to such space combat classics as Wing Commander. Players can customize their ship with upgradeable weapons, defenses, unlockable special maneuvers and cosmetic upgrades. N-Fusion also stresses that the game is driven by an "intensely dark storyline." Perhaps that's one of the ways the noir aspect will manifest.

The game is set to launch this summer. The debut trailer is embedded below: