Home creator announces Alone With You, a horror dating sim

Home creator Benjamin Rivers has announced his new project: Alone With You.

The game seems to be a horror game/dating sim combo. In February 2013, Rivers posted a tweet about this concept, but until now no such game had been announced. Even now the game is very early in development, and Rivers has yet to announce the game's platforms or release window.

Nonetheless, Alone With You sounds very fascinating. It apparently is a sci-fi story that follows a gender-neutral astronaut stranded on an uninhabited planet. The astronaut’s only companion is an AI.

How does the romance fit into it? Rivers is coy about this. He claims that he wants to turn the dating sim concept "on its head a bit." Players won't be dealing with "an objectified quest to ‘win’ a character’s heart." According to Rivers, "If Home was a horror game without monsters or fail states, Alone With You will be like a dating sim without the usual trappings."

The game is focused on narrative and decision making. "The challenge I gave myself was to do this without creating a visual novel style game – I wanted to make something more familiar to core game players in terms of exploring environments, controlling a character, and so forth."

Here's the game's teaser trailer. What do you think?