Frog Fractions 2 hits kickstarter; absolute madness ensues

If you've never played the original Frog Fractions, you should. It's free and wonderfully deceptive. Initially described as a game intended to teach your kids about math, Frog Fractions quietly escalates into something altogether different. The result is both hilarious and unpredictable, but saying how would spoil things.

Now, developer Jim Crawford has hit up Kickstarter to fund Frog Factions 2.

Crawford explained:

Most Kickstarters are very detailed about what you're paying for, but the nature of this one is that you're paying for a surprise. I created Frog Fractions explicitly to evoke the air of mystery that all video games held in the 1980s, before the era of endless preview coverage and official strategy guides took that feeling away from us, seemingly permanently.

Stretch goals include oculus rift support, a gravity gun, Rock Band Microphone support, and live action cutscenes. Whether Crawford is serious about those goals is not entirely clear, but it's a distinct possibility.

Crawford also noted:

It will not be called "Frog Fractions 2." It will probably be called something like "Lost Kingdom: Reckoning," by Fork Bomb LLC or "Turbo Finance 2015" by Vespenta Holdings. Does that Russian flight sim on Desura look suspicious to you? Better play it just to make sure! Or maybe it'll be a plugin for Bonzi Buddy and you'll discover it when your grandpa asks you to make his email go faster. Wait, are you playing Frog Fractions 2 right now?

Frog Factions 2 has another 28 days to meet and/or surpass its $60,000 goal. As of this writing it's already landed $22,710, over a third of what it needs. Hopefully the game will be as unique as its predecessor.