Goat Simulator launching April 1st

It almost goes without saying that the world needs a game like Goat Simulator: a game with poetic intelligence, vast artistic merit, and characters you truly care about. But is the world truly ready for such awe-inspiring creativity?

Let's hope so, because Swedish developers Coffee Stain Studios have announced that Goat Simulator will be released on April 1st, April Fool's Day.

The game allows players to leap into the hoofs of a goat. It also takes inspiration from classic skating games. Coffee Stain explained: "Charging into a table and knocking it over yields points, and if you can manage to do it while doing a backflip first and a 360 afterwards, you'll score even more points."

So it's like Tony Hawk's Pro Goat, except instead of performing tricks, you crash into things. Brilliant.

Goat Simularow will be single-player only, and is being developed exclusively for the PC. It will, however, include support for Steam Workshop, allowing players to make their own levels and goats.

You can pre-order the game online for $10.