Eidos Montreal: "lots of possibilities" for a Thief sequel

Thief launches today in North America, and developer Eidos Montreal is already keen to begin a sequel.

Lead level designer Daniel Windfeld Schmidt recently told OXM, "Nothing’s announced yet but we’re very keen to see how people respond to the game."

Fellow developer Nick Cantin added, “We’ve built a really big universe around the first game, and there’s a lot of layers to it – the world is really deep. So there’s a lot of possibilities to jump on.”

Schmidt then stated, "Thief is really unique in its mentality. When it came out it was new, it was fresh, it was very different to all the other games of the time, which were very one-directional."

"I think we have the same situation with next gen game consoles now," agreed Cantin. "There's no game out there that's really like this."

The new Thief has recieved a mixed reception from critics, so time will tell if a sequel will be green-lit.