Rust has over one million players; game world terrorized by "Penis Brotherhood"

First-person survival sandbox game Rust now has over one million players, and it's still only in early access!

Creator Garry Newman revealed this on Twitter while linking to a screen shot from his Steam page showing the game's total stales.

This is quite a milestone. However, it does make one wonder. Rust is an open-ended multiplayer game with oodles of emergent gameplay. With so many players, what will the resulting experience be?

In other news, Rust's game world is being terrorized by a band of naked men. Called the "Penis Brotherhood," the men ask those who they encounter to take off their pants. If victims do not take off their pants, they are killed by the Brotherhood. It's join or die, and the Brotherhood is getting more members each day.

The process is demonstrated in this NSFW video:

One must wonder how many of those one million players have already become a part of the Brotherhood.

I expect this won't be the last time we'll hear about unique (and/or hilarious) situations in Rust's increasingly-fascinating game world.