It's 2K bundle time with XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete and Civilization V Complete

2K Games has announced that PC gamers will be treated to XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Edition.

The bundle will include the following:
-XCOM: Enemy Unknown
-XCOM: Enemy Within
-Elite Soldier Pack
-Slingshot DLC
-All Second Wave options

The Complete Edition will be exclusive to the PC because the bundle contains the same content as XCOM: Enemy Unknown Commander Edition, which was already released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was our favorite strategy game of the 2012, and Enemy Within was our favorite in 2013.

2K games also released Civilization V Complete Edition for PC today. The bundle includes:
-Civilization V
-Gods & Kings expansion pack
-Brave New World expansion pack
-All add-on content released to date

Civilization V Complete is already available. XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete launches on March 4.