Formicide alpha demo lets you make bugs go boom

Rock Wall Games has released an alpha demo of their new Worms-like ant action game Formicide.

You can download the alpha from the game's official web site, and/or watch the trailer below:

Rock Wall Games has listed the following as the game's key features:
-Online multiplayer. Blow up ants anywhere in the world.
-Multiple game modes. Deathmatch, capture the flag, and more. (Coming soon!)
-Dozens of weapons. Blow your colleagues away with guided seeker missiles, or get up close and personal with a shiv.
-Tons of skins. The age-old question of what a fight between a pirate ant and a cowboy ant would look like is finally answered.
-Unique environments. Ever wanted to be able to use a flamethrower underwater? Now you can, for some reason!
-Destructible terrain. Terrain is destructible!
-Fully moddable. Modify any part of the game, including weapons, maps, game modes, player skins, and basically anything else. (Not available in the demo)

The game will be released in full sometime later this year.