Behold Van Helsing II's Chimera

"What is a hunter without a dog?" asks Neocore Games. "Or even better, a dog-like, hulking and loyal monster?"

The developers of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II have revealed new information about one of their previously-announced key features: the Chimera. A monster that Van Helsing can summon to help him in battles.

The creature is demonstrated in the following gameplay trailer:

Neocore Games also explained that the Chimera can be sent to the Ink, where it can gather gold, potions, essences, and enchanted objects. It also evolves, becoming stronger as it gains levels, and has its own summoning chamber in the Lair. It does, however, need to be fed.

The developer had this to say about where the Chimera comes from: "You can set the Chimera free during a particular quest. However, it won't follow you everywhere like a permanent companion, you just gain the ability to summon it during battles. The beast gains levels that influence its battle stats among other things. The “dog” will also have a Hunger rating that affects its scavenging and battle stats like HP and Damage. The Hunger increases with every treasure hunt and when dying in battles, and also with every minute it spends summoned anywhere. By feeding it Essences, the Hunger will decrease."

Sounds like a fun little beastie.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing was our favorite RPG of 2013. We have high hopes for the sequel!