Fan writes 400-page blueprint for a 'fixed' Mass Effect 3

No getting around it: a lot of people weren't happy with Mass Effect 3.

Now, Gerry Pugliese, a self-proclaimed "huge Mass Effect fan," has written Mass Effect 3: Vindication, a 400-page script intended to be "a fan revision, and blueprint, for fixing Mass Effect 3."

It should be noted that Vindication is not a mod. It is merely a book. It contains descriptions of what Pugliese believes would make Mass Effect 3 a better game, with changes to the dialogue, characters, scenes, and of course the endings.

"The endings are a third of ME3V," says Pugliese, "and I've created more than ten new ending scenarios including having Shepard and friends survive, and going on to live happy lives; or Shepard succumbing to the Reapers' power, turning evil, and enslaving the Galaxy, and turning many major characters into Reaper minions to serve at his/her side."

Pugliese also hopes this will get the attention of game companies, and possibly land him a job in the games industry. Says Pugliese: "Part of why I wrote ME3V is because I think it'd be really cool to work in the video game industry, and I know I can do it."

You can read Vindication here, or direct download it from here.

For those who take the time to read it: what do you think of Pugliese's version of the game? Do you think it does indeed fix the game, or does it just make it worse? Does a fan have the right to tell a company what their game should be like, or does that violate the artistic vision of the game's creators? Sound off in the comments below.