Rust a huge hit on Early Access

Rust's alpha version has only been on Steam Early Access for a month, but it's already making a ton of money.

In fact, in just one month it's made developer Facepunch Studios 55 percent as much dough as their celebrated Garry's Mod made them in nine years. This was revealed on Twitter by studio head Garry Newman (the Garry of Garry's Mod). To demonstrate what that means: according to, Garry's Mod made $22 million in nine years.

Rust, now the top-selling game on Steam, is a first-person survival game that's probably best described as a mix between Minecraft and DayZ (another Early Access hit). Players begin naked, with nothing but a rock, but as they gather resources can develop increasingly advanced technology.

Explains Newman: "We've got about four or five other projects on the go right now. As long as Rust pays our wages we're going to keep working on it. Even when it's 'finished', it's not finished, it'll still be updated, in the same way that Garry's mod did. I suppose it's the way with big games, there's never an end point, it just evolves."

It'll be interesting to watch the game change over the course of development.