The Wolf Among Us episode 2 coming in February

The second episode of Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us is coming the first week of February. The news was broken via a forum post from Telltale president Kevin Bruner.

"It's been a struggle to get this episode out, for a variety of reasons," wrote Bruner. "We are very concerned about the long delay for this episode, but this is one of those occasions where several things conspired against us."

The Wolf Among Us is an interactive, story-driven adventure game released in five episodes. An adaptation of Bill Willingham's excellent Fables comic series, the game features fairy tale characters living secretly in modern day New York. It casts players as Bigby Wolf, the former Big Bad Wolf, who is now the sheriff of Fabletown.

We loved The Wolf Among Us Episode 1, as well as the first episode of Telltale's other current series, The Walking Dead. However, both of these episodes ended with significant cliffhangers, making the wait for future episodes agonizing.

Here's hoping that the wait between episodes won't be quite so long from now on.