Pillow Castle puzzler plays with forced perspective

Pillow Castle, a small student team at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center, has released a tech demo for an untitled new project:

The project, as you can see, is a first-person puzzle game with puzzles centered around forced perspective.

Not sure what "forced perspective" means? Pillow Castle explains: "If you've ever tried to squish the moon between your thumb and forefinger or seen a photo of some giant person holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you've had experience with forced perspective illusions."

In the new project, you change the size of objects by how far away from them when you grab them and put them down. Picking up a far-away object in order to make it smaller, or placing a close object far away to make it bigger, are the most obvious examples. Later, it gets more complicated, with portals that shrink or enlarge you.

The video represents a very early build of the game. Pillow Castle is reportedly working on a full version, complete with a storyline. Thus far there has yet to be a release date. They previously won the Audience Award and Best Technological Game Award at the Tokyo Game Show's Sense of Wonder Night.