Get Even: Dark Souls as an FPS?

Polish studio The Farm 51 has revealed a trailer for their new project Get Even.

The trailer is partly live action, but partially demonstrates the game's in-game graphics as well. It seems to ask viewers to try and figure out which is which. It's not a gameplay video so much as a tech demonstration, but it's worth a look:

Though it is a first-person shooter, the game appears to be inspired by the single-player/multi-player mixture of Dark Souls, with other players jumping into your single-player game as enemies. Players will never know if their opponents are human or A.I.

The game's story will have players diving into the memories of the main characters, and making decisions that determine their personality traits.

The Farm 51 previously developed Painkiller: Hell & Damnation.

Get Even is set to launch for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 sometime in 2015.