"Epic Story Trailer" for Bound By Flame

Focus Home Entertainment has a released a new trailer for the upcoming RPG Bound By Flame, showing off a host of monsters and environments.

Bound By Flame is being developed by Spiders studios (Mars: War Logs, Of Orcs and Men). The press release promises a rich combat system and numerous plot-changing decisions. In regards to the story, Focus Home Interactive notes: "The player is possessed by a flame demon and will face a constant dilemma: should he allow the demon to exert its influence to use its mighty powers of fire, or reject its influence and develop his own heroic skills? The alignment of the player between his demonic and human side will affect various game events, quests and his relationships with his many companions."

Bound by Flame will be released Spring 2014 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.