Star Citizen funding passes $31 million

Cloud Imperium Games's massively multiplayer space sim Star Citizen has just passed its stretch goal of raising $31 million.

Star Citizen has turned out to be the most successful crowd-funding project, well, ever. Putting the number into perspective, the most money a game-related project has raised through Kickstarter was the OUYA game console at $8,596,474. The most money raised for any Kickstarter project ever was the Pebble e-Paper watch at $10,266,845. Star Citizen has raised three times that amount.

Said director/designer Chris Roberts in a recent blog post: "Let’s make sure no one ever forgets that when publishers wouldn’t spend a cent on AAA PC games, real gamers went above and way, way beyond to make Star Citizen happen."

Roberts previously worked on such space sims as Wing Commander and Freelancer.

The game's web site boasts: "Star Citizen aims to return PC gaming to its former glory by taking advantage of the platform's incredible strengths. Star Citizen will feature constant content updates, fully equipped modding tools and the ability for players to host their own custom servers."

The game also features support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. It is powered by the CryEngine 4.

Star Citizen's next Stretch Goal is $33 million, and it's already halfway there. You can monitor the progress or add to the funding at the game's web site.