Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea - Episode 1 gets a launch trailer

Irrational Games' Bioshock Infinite is one of the strongest titles to be released this year. Burial At Sea, the steampunk-infused first person shooter's first story-driven DLC, is now available for purchase for both PC and consoles. Buying it alone costs $14.99. You can also buy a $19.99 Season Pass, which includes both episodes of Burial at Sea, as well as the previously-released Clash in the Clouds add-on and the Early Bird Special Pack.

Irrational Games has also released a launch trailer:

Burial at Sea returns to Rapture, the setting of the first and second Bioshock games. It also reimagines Infinite leads Booker and Elizabeth in a noir-like fashion.

Episode 2 is still in development.