Sunset Teased

Revealed last year, Tale of Tales announced the concept for Sunset. In this title, players would assume the role of a house keeper of a rather wealthy but otherwise mostly unknown citizen in a country being ripped apart by war, and we would watch it play out through her eyes. Early talks about the concept sounded like it lied somewhere between the mystery and isolation of Gone Home and the war survival of This War Of Mine. In this new teaser for the game, it looks like it may be leaning more towards the former rather than the latter. In just short of a minute of a half, we see quite a bit of exploring the apartment and small glimpses of the city outside as war keeps coming closer and closer to home. The idea still seems solid, but something that is a bit glaring is that for a game set to come out sometime this spring, the footage they have in the teaser seems to suffer from frequent and consistent frame rate issues. Hopefully that doesn't end up being the case in the final product.