Shelter 2 Coming In March

Fans of Might & Delight's Shelter won't have much longer to wait for the sequel Shelter 2. The followup to the 2013 adventure game where players took on the role of a mother badger leading her young through an unforgiving wilderness has finally been given a release date. On March 9, 2015 players will take on the role of a lynx with the same goals in a much more open and free form setting. Originally set to be released last year, and then pushed back to February of this year, this last delay along with a release date being given to it is the last major hurdle for the team. Might & Delight had this to say to their fans;

A mix of timing and a strong ambition to make Shelter 2 as good as we can, leads us to a release date early in March. The game is, as far as the experience goes, complete. We are currently polishing it and making sure its as good as can be. A lot of interesting features has been added this last sprint and hope that our fans will understand and forgive the delay!

Pre-purchasing is available beginning February 25 on Steam, and pre-purchasing includes access to another lynx variant as well as the soundtrack.