Resident Evil HD Remaster Launches

Resident Evil has been a long standing series since the mid 1990's, having a rise and fall in popularity over the years and also several civil wars amongst the community of loyal followers. However, in terms of horror, the series is almost unanimously agreed to have peaked in 2002 with the release of the Resident Evil remake. Bringing the original game up to date at that time, the Resident Evil remake remained one of the most horrifying experiences possible to play for several years until there began to be a resurgence in the horror genre. It faded in the halls of yesteryear, often talked about as one of the "good old days" of gaming.

If you want to relive the past, now is your chance. As of midnight on January 20, 2015 Steam users who are willing to pay $19.99 can jump back into the remastering of the remake. As of yet, user reviews remain mostly positive but there are those out there who do seem disappointed that the experience has not held up as they remember it. Nostalgia can be a harsh thing to those who aren't fully aware of it, so if you do pick the title up try to remember that you're playing a shiny version of a game from 2002. Oh, and watch out for those pesky Crimson Heads. Kill them with fire.