Hotline Miami 2 Banned In Australia

Australia, the land down under that is both one of the most harsh and beautiful places to live on earth. But more dangerous than the Outback, is life as a gamer if you live on the continent. While many of us don't like high game prices, Australia already has to deal with some of the highest overall on games. But what's the bigger danger to the Australian gamer? Wondering if the game you want to play will have the ban hammer dropped upon it be the Australian Classification Board. It'd be less of a monster to deal with if the actions taken by it were somewhat predictable, but they aren't. Some games are banned without much real reason at all. The latest example of this, is the banning of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

What caused it this time? Surely it must be the blood. Hotline Miami has enough blood to make an eighth ocean on Earth. Or maybe it's just how violent it is overall? With each weapon causing a more brutal death depending on the attack. No, this time it's a pelvic thrusting motion witnessed as a taunt towards a female character after slaughtering an entire room of bad guys. By the ACB standards, this is apparently the biggest no and is worse than violence overall as it implies "sexual violence". So basically, if you're making a game and plan on releasing it in Australia don't have murder and a pelvic thrust in the same scene or they will call down the powers that be upon you. Good luck Australian gamers, if they're going to start reaching that far for something to ban a game then you're really going to need it.