Call of Duty: Online's New Frantic Trailer

While we haven't heard anything on the next full fledged Call of Duty, recently word has starting going around about China's Call of Duty: Online. In a now full version of the trailer teased last week, viewers get another glance at the free-to-play title from Activision Shanghai which is tailored to cater to the gaming crowd in China and the popularity of F2P titles over there. When I say glance however, I really mean glance. If you want to see any gameplay footage, you should just skip towards the end. Alternatively, you can hunt down footage of the open beta which has been underway since early 2013.

However, that's not to say that this trailer isn't worth watching. In a combination of action and humor akin to previous commercials and trailers in the series to feature celebrities, this one pulls out none other than Captain America's Chris Evans to step into the spotlight as the "foreign guy" who jumps in at just the right moment to help carry the team to victory. Captain China can't get a break even in his own country huh? Whether this marketing will have the intended impact on Activision Shanghai's focus group is to be determined, but this trailer definitely caused gamers over seas to look their way to see Chris Evans blow things up if nothing else. Call of Duty: Online is expected to exit open beta sometime in the early months of 2015.