This War Of Mine Update Brings New Additions

Still trying to survive life in a war zone? With the newest update for This War Of Mine, now there's more content coming to the game including the abilities to pick your starting survivors, as well as the possibility of spawning in a different safe house location. The new update also includes updated animations, location enhancements, and new behavior patterns for certain NPCs. There's also been several balances and fixes, the full list of which is below;

Fixed screen resolution and refresh rate detection problem, which caused black screen and / or computer freeze on Windows
Fixed black screen issue on Linux and OSX 10.6.8
Improved game stability based on crashdumps sent by players
Fixed a bug with blocked container icons in the shelter
Fixed a bug with blocked access to crafting menu (icon disappearing or not responding)
Fixed a bug with the civilian becoming stuck in cover after being shot
Fixed a bug with wrong number of civilians in the shelter simultaneously
Extremely exhausted civilian will now lay on the floor instead of standing blocked after returning from scavenge
The civilian who went to help neighbours on the last day of the war will now have a proper description in the epilogue
Crafting cancel will return some of the resources now
Civilians or NPCs should no longer pass through closed doors during a fight
Eating Raw Food and Vegetables together is now equal to eating a cooked meal or canned food
Quality Rollups price was fixed