"Father of Videogames" Passes Away

The gaming industry has many big names in modern times of several different nationalities, but there is one name that surprisingly often goes unmentioned.Ralph Heinrich Baer to those who knew of him was and is considered to be the pioneer for an industry that has become a spearhead for the entertainment of millions. His work in the 1960's on what was once nicknamed The Brown Box lead to the Magnavox Odyssey in the early 1970's. His contributions set in motion the slow start to videogames, which would later evolve into encompassing both PCs and consoles. His achievements were recognized periodically throughout his life, culminating in being awarded the National Medal of Technology by U.S. President George W. Bush in 2006 and receiving the Pioneer Award in 2008 from the GDCA. He passed away December 6, 2014 at his home in New Hampshire, leaving behind a mark on the world that will not soon be forgotten.