The Crew Available For Pre-Load On Steam

We are only hours away from the official release of The Crew, and now Steam purchasers are catching up with those who bought through uPlay by finally being able to pre-load the title. Though it was not disclosed what actually occured, Steam had advertised that the pre-load was available as early as last Friday and users who purchased through Valve's service found that their title said "Pre-Loading Suspended" all weekend long. Neither Ubisoft nor Steam had commented on it, as speculation still runs wild on different forums for The Crew across the internet. This comes hot on the heels of a statement made by lead designer for The Crew Serkhan Hasan last week. He had confidence that The Crew would not suffer the same instability issues that have plagued other games at launch in the past. While this is technically not an issue with the launch, it does have some users on edge.