World of Warcraft's Blood Elf Makeover Previewed

A little under two weeks into Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard Entertainment is shedding some light on the upcoming changes to the Blood Elf character models. Leading up to the release of expansion, players were warned that the Blood Elves would be the only race that didn't receive a character model update right away of the races where model updates were planned. Released today in a new "Artcraft" post, players were treated to these two work in progress images of the blood elf model overhauls.
World of Warcraft's Blood Elf Makeover Previewed

World of Warcraft's Blood Elf Makeover Previewed

As the artcraft mostly talked about changes and challenges, it closed with the following which offered no real estimate as to when the final products will be ready and in game.

Thank you for taking the time to check out where we are with these updates. Weĺre excited to get these models in the game, and are working hard to make that happen as quickly as possibleŚthough as ever, quality is paramount, and presenting the best, most highly polished work we can will always come first.

So, to the World of Warcraft players out there what are your thoughts on the progress of the new Blood Elf models?
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