Uncertain About Civilization: Beyond Earth?

In an age where people commonly look to reviews, previews, and game footage across the internet when trying to decide if a new title is for them, there is still room for demos despite the number of them seemingly to be on the decline as time goes by. Thankfully, Firaxis and 2K Games are still on board with the idea of the demo and have made one readily available for those who aren't so sure about whether or not the latest Sid Meier title, Civilization: Beyond Earth, is worth the money.

For those who may have somehow missed it, Civilization: Beyond Earth puts players in the role of guiding humanity on a new world. They've set forth to pioneer a new world as the state of Earth is in a rapid decline due to a combination of natural and man made causes, and the goal is ultimately to establish a new place to call home for future generations. Some have been cautious to approach this one in particular after the seemingly bare-bones release of Civilization V, while others were more than willing to once more jump into the acclaimed series. If you're one of those on the fence, you can check out the demo on Steam.