A New Look At Shelter 2

In March, developer Might and Delight revealed that there would be a sequel to Shelter, a survival adventure game where players took on the role of a mother badger guiding her young to safety. After the teaser trailer, things went mostly dark for several months until it was revealed that Shelter 2 had been delayed to 2015.

Now as October begins to wind down, Might and Delight has let us know that the project is coming along great with a two minute look inside the open world of Shelter 2. Take a look as a mother lynx explores, hunts, and tends to her kittens in a few different environments as well as different times of day and weather conditions. The end of the trailer reveals that Shelter 2 is now expected to launch in February 2015, so be sure to keep your eyes open for this.

"We have continued to work on Shelter 2, and are pleased to show of the first in-game footage. We have polished the visuals and the gameplay in search of an identity that continues were Shelter 1 left off - but still manages to stand on its own."
-Might and Delight