New Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Coming To Origin

Battlefield 4 catches a lot of flak, but it's not exactly unjustified. Battlefield 3 as it was saw a very rocky launch in 2011, but was mostly resolved in a few months. But with Battlefield 4, it seems like it has been one problem after another for almost a full year. EA and DICE know that they have both upset fans and lost some trust in the fanbase, which makes their latest move a double edged sword. The Battlefield 4 Premium Edition will be releasing via Origin on October 21, including all the DLC content that many current players have already paid for. On top of that, consider that Battlefield: Hardline will be releasing next year as well, implying that general support for the game will leave any problems remaining as a glaring battle scar, much like with what happens whenever any new game overtakes a previous installment. But if you're willing to take a risk on Battlefield 4, it may be worth looking into if you're willing to spend $50 on a game that may or may not be fixed at this point.