Urban Warfare?

Now in the wake of Gamescom comes the time for titles both large and small to sink in and make their lasting impact to gamers around the world. Whether it's the newest installment to a long running RPG franchise, the next great racing game, or a new quirky indie title plenty of upcoming titles are getting their moment in the spotlights for different reasons. One that is particularly exciting is the reveal of Cities: Skylines. With a trailer clearly aimed at fans of both the Cities In Motion and SimCity series, Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order come out swinging at the last installment of SimCity which was almost universally hated for a slew of reasons including being too dumbed down and featuring a form of DRM so strict that some players were prevented from playing at all.

But it's not all just pointing out the failures of the last SimCity title, in fact, that's only a small snippet of the trailer. Most of the trailer is actually showing off the new game and showing how advanced it is in comparison. Cites: Skylines is expected to release sometime in 2015.