Wasteland 2 'Likely' Delayed Until September

Wasteland 2, a Kickstarter venture and the long awaited sequel to Wasteland released in 1988 has been delayed. To the dismay of fans waiting for the full release of the product, the upcoming delay is a short one and it's for a reason that is very rare to hear about in the gaming industry. Producer Chris Keenan let everyone in on the news in the most recent backer update on the Kickstarter page;

I felt this title was quite reminiscent of the media clickbait were seeing right now. Also, quite fitting as a status update for our multi-year journey that is Wasteland 2. Anyways, enough about the title and on to some exciting info on my personal favorite game right now, Wasteland 2.

Before we get into the fun stuff, a quick note on the release date. Its pretty likely that we will slip into the first or second week in September due to fulfillment of the physical goods and discs. We will give an exact date as soon as we know it.

So there you have it, a short delay due to the physical editions of the game and the goodies that come with it. Some developers and publishers would release the digital copies of the game and what physical copies they had prepared and simply push the others out as they came along, which means one of two things in this instance. Either they are far behind on the production side of the physical copies, or they are showing courtesy over typical business practices and making sure everyone gets to play at around the same time. Given the history, it would seem to be the latter.