L.A. Cops: The Other 'Lethal Weapons'

Good cop? Bad cop? Does it matter as long as the job gets done? L.A. Cops doesn't seem to think so and looks to give players what can best be described as a cross between Hotline: Miami and NARC. The name L.A. Cops is as tongue-and-cheek as it comes, given the frequent portrayal of police in entertainment over the years including of course those of the LAPD. The game is no exception, as I'm sure the populace wouldn't exactly be thrilled about a typical police day involving Mel Gibson and Danny Glover shooting their way to solving a case.

Old cop movie jokes aside, L.A. Cops is an Isometric tactical shooter where players maneuver two officers through various levels taking out bad guys and asking questions later. If you're looking for a spiritual successor to the Police Quest series, it definitely looks like you'll still be waiting, but if carnage and immediate justice is what you're looking for you may want to keep an eye on this one. L.A. Cops is coming soon for iOS and Android and later on this year will be available on PC via Steam.