Left, Right, Left, Right, Left! Boot Camp Update, Avoid Death!

ArmA 3, the third entry in Bohemia Interactive's unforgiving military simulator series, has been even less forgiving than predecessors. Even for veterans of the series, the latest title is taking adjusting to. Considering a completely new line up of vehicles, weaponry, and environments this is hardly surprising. For veterans, it may be frustrating but for new comers to the series it may be enough to keep them from picking up the game again and instead run back to the arcade shooters that provide instant gratification rather than working for it.

The new Boot Camp update looks to change that, by providing players with all the tools they need to at least be able to not be so green when they deploy into the actual game. Available as part of a free title update, this provides a mini-campaign meant to train players in the basic ins and outs of the game, as well as providing a multiplayer boot camp to show what's different online. This should prove particularly useful for clans trying to sort out clan strength and weaknesses.