Second Map Pack for Titanfall Revealed

Respawn Entertainment is still hard at work to keep Titanfall on the radar of gamers, especially since that while fun and unique in certain aspects, it has fallen off the radar rather quickly when compared to the likes of longstanding series such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo. In May, the Expedition map pack was released featuring three new maps; War Games, Swampland, and Run Off respectively. While the map pack was generally well received on consoles, to the PC crowd it was a bit of a mixed bag of results. Most of the complaints though were for the map Run Off, often deemed too small and uninspired when featured alongside the likes of the other two.

Now Respawn has teased the coming of the second map pack, with the most vague of hints as possible. They gave us the names of the three new maps coming in the Frontier's Edge pack, but no information or news on what they actually are; Digsite, Haven, and Export. While this gives gamers plenty of time to speculate about what the map Haven may be, it's pretty safe to say that everyone probably has the other two maps pinned down as they seem to wear the name on their sleeves. Though unlikely, with the case of the last map pack the map that was bluntly named seemed to be the worst so hopefully we don't have Digsite and Export battling to overtake Runoff as the least popular map.