Free Fire Cyberpunk

If you're a fan of Half Life 2, the cyberpunk genre, and an aficionado of fast paced FPS titles then there is a good chance that you've already encountered NeoTokyo in the form of the Half Life 2 mod. If you haven't, then what you can expect is a cross between TFClassic and Counter Strike all wrapped up in a picture-imperfect look at a not-so-distant future.

Taking on the role as a member of either the NSF or JINRAI, players will experience a standard team death match as well as the "Capture The Ghost" gametype where teams try to capture the remnants of a destroyed robot. The makers of the mod put a lot of care into it, so much that it is now available as a stand alone product on Steam, and it's free to play as well.

The cyberpunk inspired fray in the not-so-distant future is now available to all Steam users. If you are a cyberpunk fan and feel you need to give Deus Ex or Shadowrun a rest, then maybe it'd be worth checking out NeoTokyo.