Dead Island 2's Calizombification

Everyone remembers the trailer for the original Dead Island. We all remember the events playing in reverse that shows the demise of a young girl who'd become a zombie, how the couple in the hotel room tried to save her from the zombie horde chasing her down became victims themselves. Most of what we remember though, was that sad song and the serious overtone; it was pretty implied that Dead Island was going to be a zombie game with emphasis on drama and peril.

If you've played Dead Island, or Dead Island: Riptide you know that wasn't the case either time. The stories for each attempted to have a serious overtone, but the way the game was set up made that impossible. It was a fun, hack-and-slash RPG with no sense of urgency in the slightest because in no time your character became godly.

Deep Silver has made the very wise decision to ditch the serious sides of things with the new game Dead Island 2. Set in California rather than off the coast of Australia, Dead Island 2 appears to be aiming for an experience more akin to the film Zombieland; with a resounding applause from fans of the series. The new trailer features a jock stereotype doing his morning jog, only for an outbreak to apparently erupt all around him. He either doesn't notice, or pays no mind; until that rash on his wrist becomes a much more serious case of zombification! The trailer ends shortly after the jogger is taken down by survivors in a modified van, but not before the van stops and the driver compares shoe sizes to the jogger and takes off with his shoes.

All in all, a funny trailer which much better matches the tone of gameplay in the previous games. Now it appears the story will finally fit, checking everything but comedy and gore at the door. Dead Island 2 is expected to release in 2015 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.