No Man's Sky Resurfaces

During the 2012 SpikeTV VGX award ceremonies, gamers got a first glimpse at the multiplatform title No Man's Sky, a new space fairing exploration game that promised to be as involving on the ground as in the air. Tragically in the following year the office for the developers at Hello Games was flooded, much of their system and data a huge loss. While they did promise to return, many were skeptical how such a small company could come back from something so devastating.

Now, in 2014, Hello Games has done just that. No Man's Sky was revealed in a new trailer at E3 that showed a planet full of life with dinosaur-like creatures, and then ended with the player being called back to his ship to participate in an epic space battle. No Man's Sky as of yet has no release date, but there is speculation that it will arrive December 2014. Speculation remains only as such until otherwise noted. It will release first on Playstation 4, then on PC and Xbox One at a later time, causing confusion among many as this was not the original release plan spoken about in 2012.

Shortly after unveiling the first new trailer, a second was released.