Grand Theft Auto V PC Bound

Ever since Grand Theft Auto V was first announced a few years ago, PC gamers asked time and time again if there was any intention of a PC release. Last night at E3 during the Sony conference, a new trailer was shown for the Playstation 4 of the title and almost immediately after that the same trailer showed up via Rockstar that confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V would be coming to PC and the Xbox One as well.

Though no date has been slated yet, it does say Coming 2014 at the end of the trailer. This new trailer shows more crisp graphics, and honestly not much else. What has been said though is that the PC and new console versions releasing will have better draw distance, more wildlife, and improved weather and damage systems. It was also revealed that players from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions can transfer over their character statistics from the last gen version of the included Grand Theft Auto Online to the one coming with Grand Theft Auto V.