Far Cry 4 E3 Premiere

As the first day of E3 arrives in full swing, several titles across multiple platforms show off what they have to both public crowds and gamers around the world. One of Ubisoft's titles in particular seemed to have the crowd stunned, as the world premiere of Far Cry 4 gave viewers just over five minutes of eye candy, action, and a look into the mouth of madness yet again.

The trailer begins innocently enough, until all hell breaks loose. As the smoke dies, we get our first look at the villain of the new title, the self proclaimed king of the fictional region of Kryat in the Himalayas. While Far Cry 3 presented us with a look at a madman, in the form of the pirate Vaas, the new antagonist Pagan Min is a much more methodical brand of crazy it would seem. Crazy, but with style.

Far Cry 4 is on track to release this fall on November 18th for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.