The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Receives New Trailer

RPG fans rejoice! From CD Projekt RED comes the newest footage of the third title in The Witcher series, The Wild Hunt. Once a relatively hidden gem, this series has picked up in popularity quickly the last few years and it looks as though that it will continue to secure it's place in the gaming world, as the newest trailer presented to us entirely in game, shows just what to expect when this title finally graces PCs and consoles February of next year. Will you take part in the hunt, or become the hunted?

The key feature most highly regarded in this series are the morally gray choices players are presented with. Where most games with choices give you the option of 'good' or 'evil', The Witcher has always focused on more cause and effect. Consequences that are fluid, and that can impact your playthrough several hours after a choice has been made, whether it's how a character views you or how a situation plays out.