Dead Rising 3 Shambling Towards PC Release?

It would appear that one of the flagship titles for this newest generation of consoles, and an exclusive to Microsoft's Xbox One will soon find a home for PC users on Steam. CAPCOM's newest entry to the Dead Rising series, Dead Rising 3 has left a trace on SteamDB. As of yet, CAPCOM has declined to comment further, but with the footprint being left clear as day on the database it is anyone's guess how long that silence will last.

Dead Rising 3 takes place several years after the canon events of Dead Rising 2, not to be confused with Dead Rising 2: Off The Record which followed an entire what if scenario featuring Frank West rather than Chuck Greene. Another outbreak has brought the city of Los Perdidos to the breaking point, where players take on the role Nick Ramos, a wise cracking mechanic with a knack for creating weapons of mass destruction suited to a zombie infested playground. Though it was a launch title for the Xbox One it was met with very mixed receptions from critics and players alike, siting framerate issues, too familiar gameplay, and a story that didn't know if it wanted to be serious or comedic. Would it be better received in the PC community? Only time will tell. When new information surfaces one way or the other from CAPCOM it'll be updated here.