A New Teaser For The Crow's Eye Releases

A few short weeks ago, we got a look at the first teaser trailer for the new horror title The Crow's Eye which had an eerie narrative with a vague hint at the setting and style we could expect. The new teaser trailer does just about the same, but this one adds on overture to the mystery as two men argue over the obscured past of both the protagonist and the mysterious disappearances of students at Crowswood University.

No actual gameplay has yet been revealed in either teaser, however 3D2 Entertainment gives some insight to what we can expect when the game releases. The Crow's Eye will be a first person horror game in which you investigate the strange happenings at Crowswood University, and ultimately find yourself pulled into the horrors as well as you use your wits and stealth to survive. It will include crafting mechanics, a myriad of investigations and puzzles, and supposedly AI that will react fluidly to your actions. The latter is something we've heard promised in many games across multiple genres, sometimes it delivers and sometimes it doesn't. That being said it appears that unlike many horror titles, the story and overall narrative will take center stage and drive the players forward, and if there's one thing that's always good in a game it's a good story.