Following news of Battlefield: Hardline, Battlefield 3 Free For A Limited Time

Following the leak of Battlefield: Hardline, and the official unveiling of a trailer reported to be six months old (the same trailer that was previously pulled from those who discovered it during the leak) EA has appeared to have made a calculated move in an attempt to gain some points with the community. Battlefield 3, the hit multiplayer FPS of 2011 is now available for free for a limited time through Origin's 'On The House' program, and is the third title since the program launched following in the wake of Plants Vs. Zombies and Dead Space. It should be noted that this is only for the base game, the DLCs have not changed in price at all.

Interestingly enough, through Origin you can now pre-purchase Battlefield: Hardline and a Digital Deluxe Edition of it as well now. While people will always have mixed opinions about EA, Battlefield 3 is still better regarded than Battlefield 4 all around by fans and critics alike so if you find yourself itching for some combat, you may want to check it out. Afterall, for now at least it won't cost you a cent.

Here is a look at the trailer for Battlefield: Hardline that was reposted yesterday afternoon, where they also mentioned how old it was and that it used to be codenamed "Omaha".